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We provide a wide range of services for the bail bond industry, and those in need. Our years of experience and training make the difference

Bail Recovery

Recovering your defendant is important for many reasons, we've got a professional team with years of experience to get it done


Need a defendant picked up or dropped off? We've got you covered. Covert or Overt, even plain clothes. Whatever you need

Bond Posting

Time is money, and we get it. Let us do the leg work and post your bonds down at 4th Ave, or any other documents anywhere else

Compliance Checks

Knowing your defendant is doing whats right is paramount. Let us go check that and verify they are complying with the conditions of release

Back Up

Sometimes you need a little help, and that's OK. We've got your back! A little show of force is good for the soul

Skip Tracing

Information is king, and having the right amount of relevant info makes all the difference. We can get timely intel when you need it

Digital Tracking

Technology has given rise to easier tracking with GPS devices. We can manage it for you:
Installations, removals, compliance checks, strap alarm response

Monitor Installation

We can install and activate your defendant's GPS monitor for you in the field


Troubleshoot, battery changes, device swaps and more to keep you up and running

GPS Compliance Checks

Not sure if it's working correctly? We can verify it with ground truth and a quick visit

Alarm Response

Strap alarms are a thing, and we can respond quickly and accurately any time, day or night

GPS Monitor Map

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About Us

In Hoc Signo Vinces
Duty, Honor, Valor

Arizona Bail and Fugitive Task Force was founded out of frustration with the lack of professionalism within the recovery aspect of the bail bond industry. Shortcomings within the system are compounded with less than professional individuals performing the duties expected, creating problems across the board of expectations. It's simply bad for business.

Recognizing the lack of oversight, regulation, training requirements and a simple professional image, the founders created a working group of skilled people to bring these missing elements and more to the table.

AFTF is comprised of former military, law enforcement and security professionals with a proven track record. A solid work ethic, morals, and continuous training is coupled with a professional appearance to ensure the highest level of demeanor, and efficiency.

All team members maintain their skills with continuous training in all aspects of recovery, such as tactics, techniques, procedures as well as the rules, regulations and law that govern the actions and behavior within the bail bond and criminal justice system.


Apprehensions Since 2016


Strap Alarm Responses in 2018


Out of State Handoffs


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Recovery Special Agent
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